Heather is an Independent Sports Professional., a gifted Equestrian in the Hunter-Jumper discipline, active in the global market for decades, who became a professional equestrian early in life at the age of 16., with a life of riding experience, committed to the professional standards set by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the USHJA., specializing in ethical education and conduct with proven results in the Hunter-Jumper competitive arena's, qualified by education and experience, working with other professionals, horses and riders to assure the best possible results.  The goal is to be a positive leader and role model.  

Brief Bio: 
  • 1966 Rider at the age of 6
  • 1973 Rider/Competitor - Howey Academy Show Jumping Team -  Florida
  • 1976 World Record Accomplishment  age 15 - Youngest Rider in History to Jump 6'8" in   High Jump Competition 
  • 1976/F Rider, Trainer & Coach of horse and rider of the Year Award Accomplishments
  • 1976/F decades of paring horse/ponies with riders for division suitability at upper level shows 
  • 1978 Rider/Competitor  - sponsor Chicago Syndicate
  • 1980 Rider/Trainer/Competitor/Coach - The J Team
  • 1984 Rider/Trainer/Competitor/Coach - Sponsor Trans Global Import Export Company and Woodbine Breeding Farm together with owners Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Wagschal and family in Long Grove Illinois, the first warmblood/import Breeding  Farm  in the Midwest                
  •  1987 Outstanding Young Woman of the Year Award      
  • 1980/F Coach of Accomplished Riders in the Hunter - Equitation -  Derby -Jumper - Grand Prix Rings
  • 1984 Judge
  • 1987/F Motivation/Public Speaker
  • 1987/F Clinician
  • 1987/F Appraiser
  • 1995/Present Celebrity Outings - Independent Sports Professional participant 
  • 1995 USEF continued education Oklahoma 
  • 2011 Consultant Stable Management 
  • 2019 Safe Sport Certified
  • 2019 USEF & USHJA Judges classes -  continued education - Hunter, Equitation, Jumper, Lexington Kentucky
Recognizing the following for their support over the years:​
Ruth & Don Kissinger, The Jayne Family, Midwest Show Jumping Syndicate, J- Team, Trans Global Import Export Company, Woodbine Breeding Farm, The Wagschal Family,   USA Sports, Purina Mills, Omega Feed, Milwaukee 101, Rothchild Group, Herme"s Saddle Company , Equestrian Productions, Voltaire Design Saddle Company.